Top 10 Things To Do On The River Thames

The River Thames is 346 km long, that is, the second longest river in the United Kingdom after the river Severn and the first ever built underwater tunnel in 1843 by Engineer Marc Brunel. Earlier, it was known as Tamesis meaning the ‘dark water’ and also as ‘River Isis’ in Oxford.

If you are planning a trip to London, then surely who will not miss the River Thames, and from here you will get a lot of information about the things that you can experience on the River Thames.

Top 10 that you can do on the River Thames


  1. Ride on a cruise: Take a ride on a cruise and explore and refresh yourself by the iconic view of London.And interestingly, all JamesBond movie sequels had a shooting on the Thames.
  2. Water sports activities: Indulge in different and amazing water sports activities.You can see attractive views of London in just minutes by the fastest speedboat ride.
  3. Richmond: A section of southwest London, take a boat ride on the Thames to see the beautiful picturesque view of Richmond along the Thames.
  4. Cable car ride: Take a cable car ride and experience the great sights of London. The car travels at 90m high between Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks. Get a bird-eye-view of the Thames.
  5. Live below the Deck: To experience the most exciting life ever is to stay below the deck of the ship and feel like a real sailor. This provides you many opportunities to learn multimedia lessons and much more.
  6. Waterloo Bridge: Catch the sunset from the Waterloo Bridge, though you can see the sunset from many different places over the Thames but the most beautiful view is from this place.
  7. Dining Experience: Let’s eat on a boat and enjoy a different dining experience. There are many restaurants along the Thames that provide you a perfect view with the delicious food.
  8. Enjoy Fishing: Enjoy the fishing from different locations along the river Thames. You all should experience this activity as it demands a lot of patience. Many places offer this at free of cost, but still you need a rod license.


9. Mud larking: Discover something new that takes you back to the history of the Thames. Anyone can do it, but for the beginners, the best place to start with is the beach below the Globe Theatre. It’s a difficult activity, but you will definitely enjoy it by finding some monkey skulls, roman coins etc.

10. Memorable moments: During the festival, you will be able to see the art of the south Korean IK-Joong Kang’s ‘Floating Dreams’, made up of hundreds of beautiful Korean drawings to remember the memories when the country divided.

Besides all these things, the way time is to go in the month of September. Every year the month of September is full of Thames festival, at this time enjoy the party for one month, with other festivals of arts, community based events, environmental based activities, foreshore archaeology, river races, regattas.

Escape from your busy schedule and discover London from the River Thames, experience the best views of the River Thames from the riding boats to open upper decks, café bars, dinning differently and much more that you will never forget ever in your life.

Things You Never Knew About River Thames

Whenever you make a trip to London, you will never miss the natural beauty and peaceful river Thames, especially the beautiful sunset sight of it.On the banks of the River Thames, you can find everything from boating to fishing to spending holidays.

The second longest river in the United Kingdom, 346 km after the river Severn is River Thames, which is the first ever underwater tunnel built by Engineer Marc Brunel in 1843. This non-tidal river is full of unexpected sights like kingfishers, otters, families of ducks.Thi9s area of England is bounded by the Cotswolds,a unique area of England where time stood still.

Some interesting facts that you never knew about River Thames


  • Man-made channel, the Jubilee River reduces the risk of flooding by dividing the Thames into two streams around Maidenhead.
  • In the Thames valley, the first community to settle here was the Nomads and the Tudors.
  • Its inhabitation includes different species of fish.
  • The first ever Northern bottlenose whale was found in this river in 2006.
  • The first boat races of Oxford and Cambridge were held here, finished at Henley Bridge.
  • During its formation, Britain was joined to Europe, so this river flowed from the Welsh mountains into the continental river network.
  • Earlier, Thames was much larger than today and it used to freeze and the ice used to be so thick that ‘Frost Fares’ were held annually on the top of the river with games, ice skating, bonfires, and parties. It’s reallyamazing.
  • Just because of this river, London exists due to its ability to provide travel links with Europe, sustain life and improve trade.


  • Through the evidence of coins of different tribes, the Atrebates and the Catuvellauni as north and south of the Thames, it shows that the Thames used to act as the border between the two.
  • Some of the broken Iron Age weapons like shields and swords found in the river Thames, that’s an indication of the battle fought beside the Thames.
  • The one thing that each and everyone should know about it is that it takes 50 million years to create this river which we know it today as the Thames, from Gloucestershire into the English Channel.
  • The heritage sites of London are all located alongside the River Thames, which are, Greenwich Maritime Area, Tower of London, Kew Gardens, and Westminster Palace.
  • The River Thames was known as Tamesis means “the dark water”, during the Roman occupation of England.

Over the Thames, around 37 river crossings exist, with 33 bridges and 4 tunnels and at downstream, this river is wider and also the two-thirds of drinking water in London come from this river. So what are you waiting for, take a short break and experience the historical view, boat rides, events and a walk along the River Thames.

10 Top Places To Visit Along The River Thames

River Thames as you may all have heard of is a popular river flowing through the Southern England. It is the longest flowing river in England and the second largest flowing in the United Kingdom. Most visitors that come to England, don’t actually get to visit River Thame. They just get to see it from South bank during a boat tour or from their plane window while leaving the city. But this 346km stretch of water body has many attractions on its bank. Here are top 10 places that you can visit along the river Thames:

1.A walk across the dome

If you love heights and climbing, then gear yourself up to climb O2 also known as dome.A good climb during the day will let you explore the full London skyline beauty. You can see landmarks 15miles away. If you climb while sunset you get to explore the views of the magnificent city lights.

2.The Cutty Sark,Greenwich

Cutty Sark is a one of its kind experience.It’s like a bright, golden bird that is on land and is illuminated underneath by glass walkways. Children absolutely love walking beneath a 963 ton vessel and also enjoy climbing this sailing ship of the 19th century. Also, they have educational activities as well as live music performances which makes it a complete family day out picnic.


3.The Grapes at the Limehouse

The Grapes at the Limehouse is a pub, it’s not an ordinary pub. Overhere, Charles Dickens used to come and drink. You can either enjoy a beer and a pie in its snug bar or have a great food experience in its dining room and watch the lights glitter on the water.

4.A design museum

Prior to the Mayor’s Building, under the bridge you will see a building, this is the design museum. It houses to various aspects of designing ranging from fashion to furniture.Also, it has  a restaurant, riverside garden and a ground floor café for one to enjoy the scenic view of the water. Also, it has a shop that has everything from miffy books to  Anglepoise lamps

5.Tour of the tower bridge

You might have seen tower bridge in many films and shows. But inorder to explore its Victorian engineering,one should take a tour to this lace. During the trip you can learn the history, its structure, design and about its engine rooms.


6.Tate Modern

If you really want to take someone for a date then a restaurant on the sixth floor of Tate Modern is the best option for you. You can watch the river churning and the sun setting behind the skyline. Overall the place is natural and from a little baby to a busy business person, anybody can come here.

7.Royal Festival Hall Skylon

Royal Festival Hall Skylon is one of the very best cocktail bars. It has double height windows that let you enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of the river. They have an exquisite wine list and the best cocktails to serve.

8.The London Eye

The London Eye is 135m tall and is the tallest in the world. Its elegant design is a masterpiece in the fields of architecture as well as engineering.It is also called as millennium wheel. It’s referred to as  highest public- viewing point.


9.The Garden Museum

The museum is one of the must visit places in London. It houses ancient paintings and equipments.The café over here serves you with with cakes and lunch that is made of ingredients that are grown within the secret oasis.

10.The WhiteCross in Richmond

It’s the perfect pub having a high tide drinking spot.It has its own island where you move up and down with your boat.This is a pub that gives you feels like you’re a local.

So next time when you plan your trip to England, don’t forget to visit these places located on River Thames. Make a bunch of memories with these spectacular places.

The Top 6 Things To Do In London In 2016

London is a capital of England as well as United Kingdom and one of the most attractive city in the world. It is a city that depicts the history and culture both beautifully. Houses of parliament, Westminister Abbey and Big Ben tower are situated at the center of the London. The city has a beautiful Thames River, nearby which London Eye observation wheel depicts the scenic beauty of the entire city and South bank cultural complex. There are lots of things that you can do in London.

  1. Buckingham Palace Tour:

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of London’s Queen. There are only few working royal palaces left in the world, it is out of those palaces. You can get to see the royal collection, such as paintings by Rubens, Poussin, Claude etc., royal French and English furniture in the world, sculpture by Chantrey and Canova and many more exciting things in this place. Every summer, a special exhibition is organized in this palace, but this year, it is a 90th birthday of Queen. So, this year in the special exhibition, Queen’s outfit of her time would be displayed.


  1. Totally Thames 2016:

Thames is one of the most famous and beautiful river of London. Totally Thames is a festival in which there will be around 150 events that takes place along the river’s stretch of 42miles. Highlights of the festival are Free exhibitions depicting history, art installations, archaeological tours, and on the river etc.

  • Merge Bankside 2016:

This is a very exciting festival that takes place in the autumn season and you can enjoy live music, surprise performances here. Highlights of this festival are Riverside Stage (Live music), Time to be late (surprise comedy performances), the voice of God (pleasing visitors with music) and food demonstrations gone wrong (live cooking demos).


  1. Restaurant festival:

If you are a foodholic, then it is the best thing that you can attend in London. It is a festival that runs for the whole month where you can enjoy the world class food. Now you do not need to travel to whole world for tasting food of every corner. You can get it all in the single place.

  1. The Chocolate Show:

If you are a chocolate lover, then you must visit the Chocolate show festival that is the biggest chocolate celebration in the UK. More than 20,000 visitors will be coming to the Chocolate show to enjoy the different flavors of the Chocolate. You can get to taste chocolate in various forms such as cakes, ice creams, desserts, cocktails, truffles etc.


  1. Diwali festival at Trafalgar Square:

Diwali is the most important festival of Hindus. Diwali is a festival of joy, lights, love, and symbolizes the victory of good over bad. This year, Diwali festival in London is going to take at Trafalgar Square in which you can enjoy the live performances, delicious food of India, family friendly activities and much more.

So, hurry up and grab to chance to do all these things in London. Don’t miss out any opportunity to enjoy and feel good.

Cruising Along TheRiver Thames – A Guide To River Cruises

One of the best ways to explore London is to go on a river cruise. While you can relax when you are on the board and you can get the view of The Tower of London, Canary Wharf, The London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. You will be provided with many sightseeing packages.

Cruise on Thames:

If you do not go for the cruise in River Thames, your trip to London will be considered incomplete.  There are various different routes that you can explore and you can get a very beautiful view of London. Cruises depart after every 30 minutes from different corners of The River Thames. It includes The London Eye, Westminister, Greenwich and Tower Pier. If you want to view some of the particular attractions that it would be better if you check the website before hiring a cruiser.


Special Cruises:

If you are planning for something special for your trip, then you can go for the arrangements like snacks and drinks with your loved ones. You can also book a cruise where Jazz and DJ night is organized, this will help relax your mood and you can enjoy to the fullest. This would make your night out, special in every way. You can also hire river boats for private parties. You can also celebrate your birthday or anniversary or it’s that you do not need any excuse for partying. It will definitely be a memorable experience with your beloved ones. Cruise boats are available all the year round. Before making the deal make sure that you check the complete package you want to avail.

Types of Tickets:

Like the rest of the forms of transport, there are various kinds of cruise tickets available, you can purchase as per your choice. You have an all day pass which allows you to get down and get into it as and when you feel like. You do not have to worry about missing the ride while you are exploring the sites. Many of the cruise provider also offer you with an exclusive deal that will save your extra expenses.


Deals and Vouchers:

If you wish to save some amount of money on your London trip, then you should look for some vouchers or any kind of deal. Finding these would be more probable through online. It would be wise enough to use companion tools to ensure that you are getting the best deal. You can sign in for vouchers so that you do not miss out any of the offers and vouchers. Even more if you book your tickets in advance you can also avail some discounts.

You may get tired while exploring the city on foot, then you can try one of the cruise boats. It provides an exclusive way of site seeing and getting the view of the whole city at once. It will be very peaceful and calm trip through the Thames River. All you need to do is simply sit an relax while enjoying the refreshments and can experience what all the city has to offer you.

Random Facts And Figure About River Thames

Rivers are like a lifeline for any state or country. As far as the lifeline of London city is concerned, the city is blessed with the most beautiful and longest river. The river Thames is the lifeline of the city. The River Thames is possibly best acknowledged as the river that flows all the way through London and indeed maybe some of the most iconic metaphors of the river are available in London. It laps at the earliest walls of the ‘Tower of London’, runs past the ‘Palace of Westminster’ and is extended by Tower Bridge. It is one of the most beautiful rivers of the country.

Interesting facts and figures

Many people are aware that the river flows during Oxford and Windsor. However, there are a great many more interesting facts to learn about the ThamesRiver.

  • Longest river: Thames river is the 2nd longest river in the country after the Severnriver. The total length of this river is around 346 kilometers and with this length, the river Thames crowned as the 2nd longest river in the United Kingdom.Approximately 2/3 (two-third) of London’s intake water arrives from the river Thames.


  • Gloucestershire is the source of the river: The actual source of this river is located in Gloucestershire. The authorized resource is situated in the area of Trewsbury Mead. But it is frequently dried out.Water generally runs all round from the ‘Thames Head Group’within 100 meters downstream.

Flat valley of the Thames: The ‘Chalk hill’situated in Windsor is a surprising attribute in the smooth valley of the Thames. It perhaps prepared the site signifies for protection before the ‘Normans’1st constructed a palaceor castle here.

  • Human-made channel:The River Jubilee is called a human-made channel. It was created in the initial days of 2000. It divided the river Thames into 2 different streams around the Maidenhead. It was basically created to decrease the risk and chances of flooding.
  • Originally connected with Europe: It is quite amazing and shocking at the same time that the river was initially connected to the water of Europe. When the river was shaped, Britain was attached to Europe. The Thames river flooded eastwards from the ‘Welsh mountains’ into the river network of continental.

Journey to the Heartland of Mongolia

  • 50 million years to form: It is quite interesting to know that the Thames as we recognize it today has taken around fiftymillion years to form as the Thames. The different climate conditions and corrosion have created the River Thames as a river we all know today.
  • Nomads-the first settlers’:A very few people are aware of the 1stsettlers in the valley of the Thames river. Nomads considered as the 1st Their values were completelyon their hope on the environment and varying weather. When people started to produce harvest and keep cultivated animals they established in bigger groups.These developed societies were more prearranged.

The beautiful river is home to many rare creatures. Apart from that, the river is an inspiration for many artists. Lastly, the river has so many interesting facts and figures, these are only a few of them. The river isa very long river and it has the longest history as well.